Speaking Topics

Interested in booking Dr. Cole as a speaker for your conference or organization? The following topics will engage and inspire your audience and leave them with plenty of concrete ideas for implementing the Same-Day-Dentristry model in their businesses. 

Get More Dental Patients to “Yes”

Imagine if 70 percent or more of your patients not only accepted your treatment recommendations, but even expressed an eagerness to get started right away! With the right tools and approach, it's possible—and doing so can double your practice's productivity and efficiency.

Go well beyond basic listening skills to learn exactly what it takes to successfully establish an authentic rapport and gain patients' trust in just minutes. Includes full discussion of the steps involved, office flow, the roles front desk staff and other team members play, potential financial obstacles, specific messaging, and much more.

Boost New Patient Numbers—Without Spending a Dime on Dental Marketing

How much time and money do you currently spend trying to attract new patients and keep your current clients? Is it working? Is it worth it? You can grow your practice without relying on the same-old tactics.

Dr. Cole's unique practice model attracts 80 new patients per month, and he spends nothing on marketing. Learn about his specific methods and see what it takes to develop a fiercely loyal patient base and grow a dental practice organically.

Energize Your Employees for a Thriving Dental Practice

When your employees are happy and fulfilled, your practice—and your profits—naturally take off. Find out how to motivate and honor your staff, so that they feel truly financially rewarded and emotionally safe. Includes discussion of profit-sharing plans and other strategies that will have your team outworking you! What's more, discover the indirect effects a more satisfied staff can have on your patients, too.

Eliminate Cash Flow Problems for Good

Tossing out the typical Accounts Receivable model can have a profoundly positive effect on the health of your practice, your patients, and the size of your take-home pay. Learn how Dr. Cole became the most affordable—and highest paid—dentist in his community and find out what it will take to apply a similar system in your office.

Build and Implement the Same-Day Dentistry Business Model

Same-day dentistry offers great rewards, but it's not for everyone. Find out if you have the right temperament and skill set to specialize in same-day crowns and other complex procedures. Includes a competitive overview of the same-day dentistry market and specifics about what to expect as you incorporate same-day dentistry principles into your own practice.

Offer (and Optimize!) the Same-Day Dental Crown Procedure

Drawing upon nearly a decade of experience offering same-day crowns, Dr. Cole covers the basics, from an overview of computer-assisted crown technology to its true cost of operation and potential rewards. Attendees will also learn how their own personality traits and the attitudes of staff can spell the difference between “same day” and “someday” crowns. Having reasonable timelines and expectations for optimizing same-day crown techniques will also be covered.

The Same-Day Smile Makeover: Do You Have What It Takes?

Dr. Cole shares the ins and outs of one of the most challenging same-day dental offerings, including nuts-and-bolts discussion of office work flows, design planning, and treatment delivery. Just as important, he'll discuss the softer skills needed to obtain full patient buy-in as well as the technical expertise required to meet—and exceed—patient expectations at every step.