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Dentistry Revolution

If you’ve landed on this web page, it’s likely that like me, you’ve been a dentist for some years. Maybe like me you’ve seen things in our profession that are broken—and not just teeth? Perhaps you’ve begun to question how we can better serve our patients? You want your work and life to be more fulfilling, and you also care deeply about the impact you have on your patients and the community you serve.

That’s exactly where I found myself after 40 years in practice. I was frustrated with a business model that left many stressed and unfulfilled dentists with huge debts. One that seemed to work against patient’s practical and emotional needs, rather than with them, and left a lot of us who worked in the profession wondering why we started.

I was 59, a highly skilled, disillusioned, caring professional with a desire to change something. I threw out everything I knew about the conventional dentistry business model and began all over again with a little practice in Wasilla, Alaska. I began operating from a place of values with a purely patient-centric business model. The difference to my patients and me was immediate.

That [experiment] little practice has grown to $2 million in three years. We do no marketing, and yet we add 80 new patients every month. Our glowing online reviews are a testament to the fact that The Same Day Dentistry model is not just good for business and staff morale—it’s also good for patients.

My mission is to leave the dental profession better than I found it. That’s why I wrote and launched The Same Day Dentistry Revolution. I want every dentist to remember why he or she started out in this profession, to have a sense of pride in their work and the contribution they make and to be well compensated for a job well done.

If you want to:

Wake up every day excited to go to work.

Operate a dental practice that’s aligned with your values.

Exceed your patient’s expectations at every level.

Serve not sell.

Earn more money.

The Same Day Dentistry path might be for you.

About Charles Cole, D.D.S.

A practicing dentist for over 40 years, Dr. Charles Cole is the author of The Same Day Dentistry Revolution: The Path to a More Profitable, Efficient and Enjoyable Experience for You, Your Staff and Your Patients.

Dr. Cole graduated from Ohio State Dental School in 1977. Over the years he has worked in and owned dental practices in the Midwest and Alaska. He also made a foray into dental software, creating the foundation for the digital dental record technology widely used today.

He now operates Same Day Dental in Wasilla, Alaska. Based on the principles of authenticity and transparency, Same Day Dental is one of the most successful practices in the state. When Dr. Cole isn't completing same-day smile makeovers or delivering same-day crowns, he works as a consultant and speaker to help other dentists restructure their practices for increased personal fulfillment and professional success.


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If you're new here and wonder what The Same Day Dentistry Revolution is all about and whether it makes sense for your dentistry approach, the book is a great way to read how Dr. Charlie Cole transformed his practice.

Same Day Dentistry Revolution