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If you want something more for yourself and your patients, know that it is possible to live a more rewarding personal and professional life. The changes you make can have positive, far-reaching effects on your practice, your staff, your family, and even the community at large.

I ask every patient, “What can I do for you today?” Likewise, I ask every dental professional who consults with me that question, too—and I listen very, very carefully for the answer.

Just as I deliver highly personalized attention to each of my dental patients, I also provide intensive, individualized consulting services to a select number of dentists like you. Dentists, dental practices—and the issues they face—vary widely. As such, I carefully tailor my advice to help guide your personal journey and encourage you as you work to achieve your specific goals. What's more, I optimize my process to best suit your personality and learning style.

If you would like a free, initial consultation with me, please complete the following pre-qualification activities. Not only will these activities help you get to know yourself better, but also they will enable me to learn more about you before we speak.

Pre-qualification activities:

Wondering whether these pre-qualification activities are really necessary? I believe strongly that they are an integral first step, if you are truly serious about wanting something different for yourself and your dental practice. By completing each of these activities, you demonstrate to me (and, perhaps, more importantly to yourself!) that you are willing to put in the time, effort, and energy required to make some significant changes. Although this process may feel challenging at times, I assure you that the end result can afford incredible rewards.


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