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Making a mountain of problems out of a mole

A coworker recently had one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever heard about. No, it wasn’t that some big-box store refused to accept a return. And, no, it wasn’t an online retailer failing to issue a refund on a defective product. The situation is actually much more serious, because it pertains to her…

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How we keep ‘little’ annoyances from causing big trouble

We all have pet peeves. (I certainly do!) They’re usually no big deal. At least they don’t seem like a big deal. But, let some of them sneak by unaddressed, and they can cause trouble in the office, trouble for your patients, and even trouble for your practice as a whole. One of my biggest…

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What happens when you apply the Wall Drug model to dentistry?

If you’ve ever driven through South Dakota—or, really, anywhere even near South Dakota—you’ve probably been bombarded by mile after mile of those famous Wall Drug billboards. They’re everywhere out there—and Wall Drug eventually became a tourist destination. Things weren’t always going so well for the little roadside mom-and-pop store though. Wall Drug is situated in…

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