What dentists can learn from The Rolling Stones

My daughter recently suggested I listen to the audiobook Life by Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. Although it was pretty long and sometimes tedious to listen to, the takeaway was clear—and surprisingly relevant to my practice.

For Keith Richards, it was always about the music and the band. No matter what his public persona was at a particular time and despite the fame, the egos, the drugs, alcohol, and other distractions that came standard with the rock-and-roll lifestyle, it all could be put aside. And, during each stage of their lives, they did put these things aside—always for the sake of the music and for the sake of the band.

Dentistry isn’t exactly rock and roll. Still, all dental offices have their share of distractions. There are business decisions to make. There are personnel issues and mechanical problems to attend to. And what about patient anxiety and dissatisfaction?

Despite the day-to-day distractions, the themes we find ourselves circling back to in our own dental practices are what make up our “Music.” Here at Same Day Dental, our Music—really, our rallying cry—is “What can we do for you today?” That question brings us back from distraction. It centers and grounds us.

Think about your office. Do you have a theme that makes up your own Music? Is it working to keep you focused and centered? Finally—and perhaps most important of all—is it what you want to be playing?