‘Free exams and X-rays? Are you crazy?’

Are you nuts?”
You could be billing insurance for that!”
It’s easy money!”

I’ve heard it all. Still, I continue to offer potential patients free exams and X-rays. Am I crazy? Like a fox.

You see, I have removed cost as a barrier for each of these new patients, so that they are able to get a thorough picture of their dental health. Digital imaging and a large monitor display make it easier for patients to see, understand, and “own” their dental issues in just a matter of minutes. This leads to future revenue, as I always ask patients, “What can I do for you today?” Together, we discuss solutions for their dental issues, and my practice is prepared to do treatment today whenever possible.

As for the so-called “lost revenue” from my free exams and X-rays? The patient’s insurance dollars have not been depleted and can be applied to treatment. This, in turn, generates a feeling of goodwill, and you really can’t put a price on that.

It’s true that I give away over $200,000 in free X-rays and exams each year. But can you guess what I spend on external marketing? Not a single dime. No Facebook ads. No Google AdWords. No nothing. And we get more than 80 new patients every month.

How much does your practice pay out-of-pocket to acquire new patients? Maybe it’s time you went a little “crazy,” too.